Purpose of this article is the role of some elements of yoga in physical education and sports. Yoga is one of the spiritual systems in India which underlines the importance of working with the body to establish healthy behaviors and thoughts. The physical postures, called asanas in Sanskrit, are among all its techniques that got. It will be recalled that athletics and gymnastics are part of the Physical Education program. Once there was a time when people said "it's not the winning itself but the nobly competing that really matters," when the place where competitions took place was sacred and the respect between competitors was essential. The term Physical Education has been understood in many different ways in our modern society. Others claim it's the "self schooling," which educates the self to gain certain talents and abilities, as is used in athletics, for example. Others think it is the "education to the body" which only works to improve one’s appearance. This is unfortunately the main reason why people join gyms, especially even before summer.